Modding for Don't Starve Together- "Wynn, the Environmentalist"

Don't Starve Together Mod Screen Don't Starve Together Mod Screen Don't Starve Together Mod Screen

Here's my second Don't Starve Together mod project, another character complete with custom visuals, more complicated game mechanic changes, dialogue, and of course her own sounds. I busted out some more Lua coding to create a "recycled item" mechanic for her, allowing her to convert many of the items in the game into recycled versions for less than the cost of creating new ones. How economic!

This character is based on my partner, Sarah Sweet. If you have any interest in a commissioned mod character of your own, please check out my commissions page for more information! Click below for a link to the official Steam page.

Wynn, the Environmentalist on Steam

Modding for Don't Starve Together- "Whandler, The Digital Artist"

Don't Starve Together Mod Screen Don't Starve Together Mod Screen Don't Starve Together Mod Screen

This is a project I recently completed for the Don't Starve Together Beta on Steam. The mod adds an additional fully-functional character to the game. The mod includes high-quality visuals, special abilities and character-specific item all coded in the Lua programming language, and even custom sounds composed specifically for the character in GarageBand.

All art assets, coding modification, dialogue and sound files were created by yours truly. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! I'll be offering commissions for custom characters on this website soon, more information to follow shortly. Check out the link for the Steam Workshop page!

Whandler, the Digital Artist on Steam

Additional Shirt Designs for Endgame

Endgame Smash Shirt Design Endgame Master Chief Shirt Design Endgame Grifball Shirt Design

Here are some more T-shirt designs I've created for Endgame, an awesome Arcade Bar down in Tempe, Arizona. These were commmissioned for various promotional events. Check out the details for their latest charity event, in memory of Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum, just below-


I update this blog with whichever artistic projects and scraps I might be working on, as well anything I see fit to "reblog", as the kids say.

Game Development

Click for 'Robot Police'

A dodge-the-robot game which I provided some sprites and animation for. Everything else, (coding, level design, music, etc.) was done by the rest of the development team listed therein. Works best in Chrome, I've heard tell.

Graphic Design

Click to view 'Cleopatra Logo' Click to view 'Cuisin Art Logo'

A couple of logo design samples left over from my university days.

Game Grumps Animatic: Archer-Ival

Click to view 'Archer-Ival'

A short animatic I put together based on an audio clip from the popular YouTube channel "Game Grumps". Warning: contains adult language. I plan to make more animations with my spare time and outdo myself by every measure. Animation is awesome!